Pebble and nav me

I own a pebble device for some 6 months I guess and trust me it’s awesome, I love the way it is designed, so minimal that you won’t get out focused on your things but brings the right info at the right time for you.

I used to check in on my swarm apps from my watch, control music on my drive and lot more I even reply my Whatsapp messages on the go. Recently pebble came with an option to edit and save your own personal messages that you can tap and click it to send.

I’m usually a big fan of Google Maps, and I use maps very heavily, in fact I have even contributed many places to map and have won some goodies and certificates from google, for making Indian maps better. When I bought Pebble I was so curious to have the navigation on my wrist. But no apps does it, except Nav me, I installed Nav me and tried it. But my bad luck my Moto g was so buggy at that time and the app shows always slow phone connection. So I left my hope.

Recently after Lolipop update on my moto g, I was traveling a bit more and used my map heavily, so last week gave it a one more try and I was so impressed the way nav me guided me with directions on my wrist. Then I tried to add destinations to it, and now I even more loved my pebble, It allows me to start navigation from my wrist and follow the dierctions and even cancel it. Not even needed to take my phone out, and I can concentrate on Chennai Traffic.

This all features was awesome and once I got addicted, my trail period is over, the developer Chris Bates convinced me to buy this and yesterday I just bought this app for Rs199/- which is very nominal for this kind of app.

pebble naveme
pebble nav me screenshot

Get Nav Me:

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