Read the web smartly with Flynx

Recently, I when I was travelling had a chance to listen to my favourite podcast All About Android by Jason Howell on the Channel. I was so impressed to see the app Flynx on the Android App Arena section.


The Flynx app simply Saves Time allows you do Multitasking. Flynx quickly loads articles and links in a background from all your favourite apps. The best part is it stores all your links and you can even have a history of it at any time you want, also you can mark it for read later.

If you are aware of Link Bubble, Flynx  little more of it.

The Flynx is actually working on loading content too, it doesn’t display Ads and claims “Flynx strips down all the clutter from articles and loads them in a beautiful layout, saving you more data. The awesomeness that I was impressed is the ball loader with the sites icon on it like messenger, I haven’t seen an app that uses this balls this much effectively next to messenger. This app actually replaced Pocket, Bubble.

Download it from Play Store.

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