Rdio, the Online Music Service

Rdio is an online music service that offers ad-supported free streaming and ad-free subscription streaming services in 85+ countries, the best part of it is the music choice it makes for me, I just want to play the first song and it takes me in lift from there, starting a station from it which contains the lists of songs that are alike the first song.

Rdio on my Laptop
Rdio on my moto g

The Ads that play by Rdio is something cool, and will make you buy the premium account within months. Their sync on Chrome cast, to your Android mobile to your laptop, is simply clean and easy, that you can use anything as your remote.

Other services the same Rdio I tried where Savan, Raga, Airtel Wynk. Would compare them in detail in my future blogs.

Every music lover will simply enjoy Rdio, is you are offline you may need to pay for an upgrade else it’s okay to go with simply the free version.

Hello World!!!

This is me, Somasundaram Mahesh, a fresh and new start to the world of Blog, I have written some blogs before but those were not that much organised in the way it is supposed to be. So starting from today I archive those stuff and go live with this blog. To introduce me, I have been of keen interest to the android Technology. I love the way android has evolved, and I learn every day to build Android apps.

What you will see in this blog,

  • Some new stuff that I come across every day (trust me will worth it).
  • All About new Android apps and sometimes their reviews with my own experience of it.
  • Out of the box sometimes, everything that’s worth your reading time.